Temple Malibu CA

When you are looking for a Jewish temple Malibu CA has an ample amount of choice; however, it’s important to take your time to ensure you find a place where you can feel comfortable. Whether you are searching for a special place to hold a baby naming, a Jewish preschool, or somewhere to attend Shabbat, you may want something that is perfect in every way.

The Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue

The Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue is a temple Malibu CA Jewish residents can attend for the most important aspects of Jewish life. We consider our temple in Malibu CA to be a place of worship that is casual, yet complete. We offer spirituality grounded in tradition, but with a progressive, contemporary approach to Jewish life.

In our temple Malibu CA families can find spiritual insight and religious teachings that help to give purpose and meaning to life. Creativity is expressed through the sounds of rhythm and dance, drama, literature, and language. In the summers, we may host Shabbat on the beach as dolphins swim nearby the cool Pacific waves. During the holidays, we come together as a community and celebrate everything that makes up Judaism.

The Difference Between a Jewish Congregation and Malibu Temple

Today, there is very little substantive difference between a Jewish congregation and a temple or shul. Regardless of the name you may choose to use, all are striving to be a center of Jewish learning, solidarity, and identity. Each of these places, no matter where they might be located, have a commitment to the creation of communities that are caring, compassionate, and enriched in the Judaist lifestyle.

Finding the Right Temple in Malibu CA

Holidays, weddings, births, bar mitzvahs, and the passing of loved ones all make up important, memorable moments of our lives. During these times we might think about a temple Malibu CA can provide, and ask ourselves, which one is right for me?

Some synagogues or temples might be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are progressive, you don’t understand Hebrew, or you don’t know other members. Even still, it’s important you have a place to celebrate the most cherished moments life has to offer.

The Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue is a temple Malibu CA residents will truly feel at home in. It’s a place that is different; a place where everyone is welcome regardless of who or what you know. All that you need is a love for Judaism and a desire to share your life moments with others who are ready and willing to share them with you.

Services Found at The Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue

The Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue is not only a place for Shabbat and weekly Torah readings. It is a center that offers:

  • Pre-school
  • Religious school
  • Adult school
  • Worship services
  • Community meetups
  • Men’s clubs
  • Special events
  • Holiday celebrations
  • + More

We invite you to worship, learn, create, learn, and sing with our community; to feel a deep connection to our tradition, and to gain a sense of spiritual fulfillment. To find out more about our Jewish temple Malibu CA provides, please call (310) 456-2178 or email info@mjcs.org.