Jewish Things To Do Malibu CA

If you are looking for Jewish things to do Malibu CA has an ample selection to choose from for people of all ages. While a synagogue can satisfy your spiritual worship, there are other ways to connect with the local Jewish community. If you are looking for Jewish things to do in Malibu CA, but you feel a little bit lost, you’ve come to the right place.

The Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue is a place where you can join other like-minded individuals to explore the Judaist traditions through heritage, storytelling, dancing, music, art, and worship. As a community-centered synagogue, we understand the importance of participating in activities that you and your family can relate to. When searching for Jewish things to do Malibu CA offers several things for people pursuing the Jewish faith. The following are some of our favorite picks:

Top Jewish Things to do Malibu CA Residents Recommend

1. Eat Delicious Jewish Food

Even if you have never been to a shul, temple, or synagogue, you most likely have tried Jewish cuisine. These foods have been passed on through families for generations and still can be found on menus today. Traditional Jewish food is prepared for Shabbat, holidays, and High Holy days. Whether a simple dish or a complete meal for Passover, Jewish food is loved worldwide. If you want Jewish things to do Malibu CA has a number of Kosher delis and restaurants. You’ll find the best comfort foods such as matzah brei, challah sandwich, baba ganoush, and falafel.

2. Attend a Jewish Studies Seminar

The Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies regularly hosts seminars on the traditions and histories of the Jewish community. It’s a great opportunity to learn about Judaism and to meet people local to the area. In general, these seminars are meant for adults or those who are mature enough to listen and learn. If you have young children, you can speak to the synagogue about possible child care services.

3. Visit a Jewish Summer Camp

Camp JCA Shalom is one of the most famous Jewish summer camps in California. Operating for over 60 years, you won’t only find campers in the summer, but also winter, spring, and fall. The year-round program offers an opportunity for people to come together to create a better world. This is fulfilled through a positive Jewish living experience within a warm, supportive, and nurturing environment. Campers get to develop new skills and interests, make lasting friendships, and improve self-image. As one of the best Jewish things to do Malibu CA Jewish children and young adults will surely walk away with lasting memories.

4. Volunteer at SOVA

SOVA is a local community food and resource program that responds to hunger through assisting the individuals and families in need of help. The organization provides these people with resources they need to become self-sufficient and independent. Groceries, counseling, job search assistance, and other services are available. To meet the needs of over 9,000 people every month, SOVA regularly needs volunteers. Individual and group volunteer opportunities are available at several locations. Whether you want to volunteer occasionally or on a regular, weekly basis, all help is welcomed. This is a great way to spend your free time and can make a huge difference in everyone’s life.

For more Jewish things to do Malibu CA individuals and families can contact the Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue at (310) 456-2178.